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As an experienced Chattanooga criminal defense lawyer, John G McDougal provides his clients with exceptional, personalized criminal defense against a wide range of criminal charges. Criminal defense attorney John McDougal has been practicing law for over 20 years, including 10 years as a special judge in General Sessions and Chattanooga City Court.

Attorney McDougal knows both sides of the law. From how prosecuting attorneys for the State of Tennessee prosecute criminal cases to how criminal defense attorneys defend the rights of those accused of criminal crimes.


Specialize in Criminal Law, including all aspects from DUI and traffic offenses to serious felonies. In addition John McDougal also practices in family law, with divorce, child custody, adoption, premarital agreements, trusts, wills and other estate planning services.


I am in the same local criminal courts day in and day out. The prosecutors and judges all know me, and they know my reputation for aggressive legal representation for my clients. This is a tremendous advantage for my clients.


I will remain available to you throughout your case. I make my cell phone available to my clients, and I routinely reply with calls and texts throughout the day, even when I am in court.


  • Juris Doctorate Nashville School of Law

  • Undergraduate University of Tennessee Chattanooga

  • Special judge in General Sessions and Chattanooga City Court.

  • Licensed in the State of Tennessee

  • Member of the Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

  • Member of the Chattanooga Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

  • Volunteer with the Special Olympics

  • Recipient of the Eagle Scout Award

When To Call A Criminal Defense Lawyer?

The time to call an attorney is the earliest opportunity. Seemingly harmless words from someone accused of a crime can end up misquoted in a police report and later used against them. Lawyers words cannot be used against a person charged with a crime. Attorneys can protect your rights immediately. Police rarely investigate a case thoroughly. They usually talk to the complaining witness, their witnesses and sometimes the accused. It is important to get statements from the witnesses for the defense before their memory fades. If the detective gets statements from defense witnesses they will pass those on to the District Attorney (DA). Get a lawyer immediately.

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