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Expungement & Sealing Criminal Records in Chattanooga

A criminal record can stay with you for the rest of your life. Background checks can stop you from getting a job or an apartment, and can even prevent you from being accepted to college. Many people do not realize there are options for sealing or erasing a criminal record.

Criminal Record Expungement

Certain crimes and circumstances qualify for a record expungement. In the State of Tennessee, expungement completely erases a criminal record. There will be no evidence of your criminal charges in the future if you meet the required criteria for expungement. Attorney John McDougal, a knowledgeable attorney will review your case and let you know if expungement is an option for you.

Sealing Your Criminal Record

If you can not have your criminal record expunged, you might be able to have it sealed. Atorney John McDougal has successfully helped many clients seal their records, making their criminal charges inaccessible to the general public, including potential employers, schools and landlords.

Requirements for Having A Criminal Record Expunged

  • You are eligible if you have only 1 criminal conviction.

  • You must wait 5 years to file a petition for expungement of your Tennessee conviction.

  • You must complete all court obligations associated with the crime prior to expungement.

  • Your Tennessee crime must have been committed after a certain date.

  • Not all felony and misdemeanor convictions are can be erased from your Tennessee record.

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