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An assault and battery conviction is often accompanied with jail time if you are found guilty. If you are facing assault charges, domestic violence charges or other violent crime charges, you need a criminal defense lawyer who is experienced. You can count on Chattanooga criminal defense attorney John McDougal to be there in court with you and to help you through these serious legal matters.

Your Criminal Defense Lawyer Will Be On Your Side

When you hire John McDougal, your Chattanooga criminal defense lawyer will consult with many sources about your case, so that you will have the experience legal mind on your side. Your Chattanooga criminal defense lawyer will examine the evidence, review the police reports, and talk to witnesses. Your criminal defense lawyer will have all the facts of the case, including evidence they may uncover.

Your Criminal Defense Attorney Will Defend You

Depending on the facts of the case, we will ask for a dismissal of the the assault and battery charges, work for reduced charges, or negotiate a resolution that protects your freedom and your future as much as possible.

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Chattanooga Assault and Battery Practice Areas

Aggravated Assault
Aggravated Robbery
Appeals to the Court of Criminal Appeals
Appeals to the Tennessee Supreme Court
Assault and Battery Appeals
Assault Appeals
Asset Seizure
Child Abuse
Child Endangerment
Community Corrections Violations
Criminal Appeals
Domestic Assault
Domestic Violence

Drug Charges
Drug Crimes
Drug Offenses
Drug Paraphernalia Possession
Drug Possession
Gun Charges
Gun Crimes
Home Invasion
Making Threats Against Another Person
Motions to Reduce Bond
Parole Board Representation
Parole Violations

Petitions to Suspend Sentence
Post-Conviction and Habeas Corpus Relief
Post Conviction Relief
Probation Violations
Reinstatement Hearings
Restraining Orders
Serious Traffic Violations
Sex Crimes
Sex Offenses
Sexual Assault
State Felonies
Violation of Probation
Violent Crimes
Weapons Charges