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Childhood is a time of learning rules and correct behavior. Juveniles don't always stop to think before they act. Generally childhood mistakes and wrong doing don't have serious repercussions. As they grow older, rebellion or peer pressure can cause them to run afoul of the law. At times like this a parent may be uncertain about what to do. A Chattanooga criminal defense attorney can help you to understand your child's rights and legal situation. Attorney John McDougal takes the time to explain everything, including all possible options which will help you to make an informed decision.

Depending on your child’s case and the severity of the crime, he or she could face being charged as an adult. Parents long to protect their children, and I know that you are no different. You want the best possible representation for your child because, and I cannot be any plainer than this, you do not want an inexperienced attorney handling your child’s future.

Juvenile Offenses That We Handle

Accusations of Forcible Rape or Sexual Assault
Alcohol Consumption
Alcohol Possession
Assault and Battery
Auto Theft
Criminal Mischief
Curfew Violations
Drug Charges
Drug Possession or Sale
Drug Use or Sale
Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
Drunk Driving (DUI)
Involvement with Gangs
Juvenile Sexual Assaults

Juvenile Violent Crimes
Loitering During School Hours
Property Damage Cases
Public Intoxication
Sex Offenses: Date Rape / Statutory Rape
Shoplifting or Petty Theft
Theft Crimes
Traffic Offenses
Trespassing on Private or Restricted Property
Underage Drinking
Underage DUI
Vandalism or Criminal Damage to Property
Violent Crimes

Non-criminal Juvenile Cases

Juvenile court hears a wide range of non-criminal cases such as:

  • Parents Failing to Require and Ensure That Their Minor Child Attend School

  • Dependent, Neglected and Abused Children

  • Child Custody Guardianship Visitation Rights

  • Parentage (legitimating) of Children Born to Unmarried Parents

  • Child Support Payments

  • Emancipation of a Minor

Attorney John McDougal represents youth facing charges throughout Chattanooga and Hamilton county and the surrounding areas. Juvenile charges are a very sensitive matter to parents and young offenders. Contact your Juveniles Attorney John McDougal today to learn more about how we can defend your child's future.

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